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Need to Hire Musicians?

Musicians from Westchester's only fully professional orchestra are available for your next event.


The Westchester Philharmonic musicians take great pride not only in their performances on stage but their performances within our community. From cocktail parties to the classroom, and everything in between, our musicians provide the highest level of musicianship and professionalism in making your event extraordinary. The Westchester Philharmonic is happy to provide a way for you to find the best musicians in Westchester for your event.




What kind of music is appropriate for my event?

From Schubert string quartets to jazz trios, from violin-piano sonatas to flute quartets, our musicians can provide music in a wide range of styles. Once you decide what type of event you are hosting, we will gladly assist you in selecting an appropriate ensemble and repertoire list for your event.

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How much will it cost?

We can accommodate any size budget, big or small from one musician to a chamber ensemble. Once you contact us with the details of your event, we will be able to find the right musicians for you.

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Are there any special requirements I should consider?

Temperature extremes, hot or cold, sunshine or rain, can damage instruments. If the event you are planning is outdoors, we will help you arrange a way for the musicians to play comfortably without exposing their delicate instruments to damage.

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, musicians require ample space to play, with sufficient lighting and comfortable seating. Depending on the venue, amplification of the instruments may be required. These details will be discussed once we have more information about your event.


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How quickly can I hire a musician?

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we will be able to find available musicians for your event.


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Will the musicians visit my school?

Please see our Educational Outreach Programs page for more information about visiting musicians.


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Do the musicians give private music lessons?

Yes, many of our musicians do offer private lessons. Please view our musicians page to see who is available.


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For further inquiries and booking information, please contact Joshua Worby at or (914) 682-3707

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How much will it cost
Special Requirements
Hire a musician
Visit my school
Private Music Lessons

For inquiries please contact:
Joshua Worby
(914) 682-3707, ext. 12.

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